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[BMR-003] Endless Floods(Fr) – Circle The Gold CD out now.


Endless Floods – Circle the Gold, our first release at 2020, formed by members of cult outfits Monarch and Bombardement.

Endless Floods CTD album
Endless Floods(Fr) – Circle The Gold CD

Circle The Gold are they 3rd album, LP version release by Bigoût Records / Fvtvrecordings and tape version release by Breathe Plastic Records, now we release the CD version.

Circle The Gold CD are limited 300 copies only. Brand new cover art with Japanese/Mandarin OBI.

Endless Floods current line up

“Circle The Gold is fascinating because of the simple dynamic mastery the band presents. While on the one hand they revel in sweeping swells of volume and crushing power chords crashing down around your ears they are able to turn it around and craft some potent almost neofolk-esque soundscapes. None of this would be possible without some truly next level production allowing the real richness of the music to shine through and the mastery of the arrangements to have space it really needs to breathe.” – Metal Injection

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2020年惡月上與法國汙泥厄運樂隊Endless Floods展開合作, 這支年輕的波爾多樂隊的成員來自法國暗黑君王Monarch/波爾多D-beat Cruat暴女Bombardement,承繼Corrupted那窒息絕望的重型厄運爆音衣缽連續發行了三張遲重大作;而第三張專輯Circle The Gold 2019年早已在 Bigoût Records、Fvtvrecordings、Breathe Plastic Records旗下分別發行了膠片與磁帶版本,現在我將在發行CD版本。


這張作品一發行便得到相當的好評,包括Worship Metal、Cvlt Nation、Ghost Cult Mag…等知名金屬樂評皆齊聲讚賞,是2019不應該被錯過的重型厄運作品,請勿錯過!



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